Our Approach to Counseling

Our Mission

To work with people to foster healing, growth and life-giving change. 

Our Vision

Empowering Sacred Transformation

Our Goals

  • To engage persons in a ministry of counseling and psychotherapy to alleviate suffering and empower life-giving change.
  • To address impasses in couple and family relationships in ways which invite reconciliation, enable healing and foster personal growth.
  • To help people identify and draw upon their spiritual resources in meeting life challenges.
  • To develop and nurture community-building among persons, families, the church and society at large.
  • To impact religious communities in nurturing faithful living. 
  • To educate and train other professionals in these values and skills.
  • We as a charitable organization aim to obtain funding to enable services and programs which reach a wide socio-economic spectrum of persons.
  • To pioneer in teaching and providing holistic mental healthcare and community-building to the religious community and society in Jacksonville.