Our state licensed therapists and certified pastoral counselors are professionally trained to listen in depth to your disappointments and pain, to understand without judging, and to provide the support you need to develop greater balance in living, loving more deeply and finding peace within.

Making Therapy Affordable: There are a number of ways to make therapy affordable. Clients who have concerns regarding fees should discuss their situation with the therapist. A sliding scale based on income and household size is used as a guide in determining reduced fees.

Our counselors are trained to assist you with:

  • Marriage, family and parenting difficulties.
  • Enhancing interpersonal relationships at home, at work, or in groups or communities in which you participate.
  • Finding spiritual meaning and direction.
  • Anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, a sense of failure or lack of fulfillment.
  • Making peace between expectations and reality.
  • Pre-marital counseling.
  • Emotional or spiritual problems associated with physical illness, injury or loss through death.
  • Stress related to employment, unemployment or work place difficulties.
  • Life cycle transitions from childhood and adolescence, through mid-life, and into balanced senior living.
  • Learning through loss, mourning, and grief, both past and present.