Organizations that support Us

On behalf of our Board, staff and clients we would like to thank these organizations and individuals for their support. At Pastoral Counseling Services, we believe that effective partnerships are critical to our mission and survival. Our partners- from corporations to foundations, entrepreneurs and churches- are committed to this ministry that builds stronger communities through Sacred Transformation one person at a time.

Together, Pastoral Counseling Services and our partners continue to develop the ministry that began so long ago. 

Corporate Partners

  • South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church: has been an invaluable partner with us for over 30 years through their generous financial support and through the building in which we reside. Without their commitment to this ministry, our work would have ended long ago.
  • Presbytery of St. Augustine: helped give life to Pastoral Counseling Services more than 30 years ago and remains one of our strongest and faithful supporters.
  • Riverside Presbyterian Church: has been a faithful support of Pastoral Counseling Services for more than 15 plus years and remains a cornerstone partner in helping us help those in need.
  • Cavan Family Foundation: We want to extend our love and appreciation to the Cavan Family for their support, we are grateful for their partnership in ministry.
  • Patrick & Raines CPA: Dedicated to empowering you through knowledge and service, offering advice for your future with results-driven planning and preparations now. Thank you Patrick & Raines for your continued support and financial guidance.

Individual Partners

Marilyn Carpenter

Monica A. Jacoby

Mary Virginia Terry

JoAnn Paylor, Jo Estes, Margaret Sheffield, Penny Mendheim, Lisa Wetzel, Marian Jenkins, Mark Patrick, Steve Kaufman, Vickie Bossuot, Beth Touchton, Jamie Russel, Stefaine Raines, Antoinette Jackson, Lou Lothman, Mike Cavendish, Ben Fant, Virginia McMillan, Allan Clark, Kimberly Davis, Liz Miller, Craig Miller.