Status of Mental Health in northeast florida

     The findings in a recent study by JCCI (published in 2014) provide a portrait of mental health for the Northeast Florida region. The findings are distressing; we have the unfortunate distinction of being the worst of the worst when it comes to funding for mental health. Florida rated 49th out of 50 and Northeast Florida ranked 2nd to last statewide. When looking at the statistics on mental health, it is disheartening to see what our neighbors go through without the assistance of someone capable and ready to see them through difficult times.

  • Two-thirds of all children report at least one traumatic event by age 16
  • One in four persons struggles with mental health issues
  • Northeast Florida has a higher rate of suicide across all age groups statewide
  • In 2012 more people died by suicide than by homicide: 151 vs 94 murders
  • 60% of adults and half of youth ages 8-15 with mental disorder receive no mental health services

     The sad fact is, there are multiple reasons individuals do not seek help. Many may not know they need it and/or feel stigmatized if they seek help. But the leading reported reason why people do not pursue therapy is the cost of care. That is why Pastoral Counseling Services is vital to the community of Northeast Florida. It is through the generous gifts of individuals, corporations, foundations and the faith community we are able to provide financial aid for those who seek out therapy but are unable to pay for the full cost of treatment. We exist as a place of hope and refuge for those who suffer and need professionals who are uniquely equipped, licensed and certified in Pastoral Counseling. Our belief, that not including the spiritual dimension of an individual with mental health therapy hampers true growth and healing, no matter the reason they seek help.